Transforming Culture at GE Mining

Join us for 24 hours of knowledge sharing and out-of-the-box thinking on: “How do you create workplace cultures that help attract and retain the best talent?”

Time and Date: 12.30 – 17.45 on Wednesday 12th, and 8.30 -13.00 on Thursday 13th July

Place: GE UK HQ, The Ark , London, UK

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Mining Industry Evolution and Cultural Transformation …
A Fresh Thinking Lab Event hosted by GE Mining

The mining industry is going through a transformation. Stuck on the concept of bigger is better, the industry must change its direction to better drive productivity and profit. It is not just what they do, but how they work that must change. Being one of the total mine solutions providers, GE Mining will lead by example.

GE has been in the mining business for more than 100 years. The mining industry has been in a protracted down-cycle for years and is at a turning point. Miners must increase productivity. Incremental innovation is insufficient to close the gap. Radical, transformational change is required.

GE Mining is committed to developing solutions that work for the mining industry, evolving from a product/solution provider to a collaborative partner who helps solve real problems to increase productivity, drive safety, optimize operations and improve return on investment (ROI).

Transformational change requires different skillsets. GE has product and market expertise (IQ) and it also requires a balance of emotional intelligence (EQ). We are striving to build collaboration, innovation, project management, C-Suite connectivity, and change management as strategic organizational capabilities.

Be a “Critical Friend” and join GE Mining for an interactive dialogue!

GE as a company is driving to be more digital and modern. Rather than just looking inside, this event will provide an outside-in viewpoint on current culture, desired industry thought leadership, and some actions to achieve the future state we envision.

We will talk about how we want to change the way we work, and how we are striving to ‘walk the walk’ to deliver for our employees, customers and shareholders.

Together, we will explore how GE Mining can…

  • Accelerate innovation and change management inside and outside of GE.
  • Drive greater (and faster) technology adoption in the industry.

This is an exciting and critical time for us in GE Mining and for the mining industry. I look forward to learning how other companies and teams have managed through extensive change.

The Fresh Thinking Lab event will help us understand what the critical factors are for us in building a contemporary, collaborative and influential culture, and what actions will take us forward. Thank you in advance for your insights and recommendations.

Best regards,

Scott Phillips
GE Mining

Join Fresh Thinking Labs in London for an afternoon and morning of learning and knowledge-sharing about changing culture at GE Mining.

GE Mining is on a journey to build purposeful, high performing teams dedicated to winning together. That involves trust, moving away from performance rankings towards mutual accountability and a commitment to delivering for each other. For example, GE’s Performance Development tool leverages horizontal feedback, helping people to understand their impact on others.

GE Mining’s aspiration is for a culture that will help its adaptation to a changing workforce while accelerating processes of change and technology adoption throughout the company. ‘Delivering for each other’ also involves shared intelligence, developing a ‘living knowledge base’ that survives employee turnover.

Yet what does this mean in practice? And how far has GE come on its journey?

This event will provide participants with the unique opportunity to:

  • learn about GE's leading-edge thinking and innovative practices;
  • build cumulative insights, by discussing the issues with a cross-section of staff at GE's London HQ and, via video link, with GE mining teams across the world;
  • be a 'critical friend' to GE Mining's senior team during constructive feedback sessions;
  • share knowledge and experience with a diverse group of Fresh Thinking Labs members from other companies - including over a vibrant networking dinner!

Who can participate?

This event is open to companies and organisations of all sizes and sectors. We invite you to get in touch if you are interested in workplace innovation and in sharing your experiences and insights with GE, and other external participants, as 'critical friends'.  Please note that we are unable to offer places to consultants.

How can I register?

Participation in this event is available on a one-off cost basis, or as part of Fresh Thinking Labs annual membership, which offers access to a further programme of Open Events of this kind across Europe.

Please book your place below or contact Naomi Imms, Fresh Thinking Labs Coordinator by email at [email protected] or by telephone on 0115 933 832 to discuss flexible rates for your organisation and to reserve your place.

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