Self-Managed Team-working in a Flat Organisation

Join this special Fresh Thinking Labs event in the Basque Country, co-hosted by Sinnergiak and Ederfil Becker.

Time and Date: 10.00 – 16.00 on Wednesday 14th June, and 9.30 -14.00 on Thursday 15th June

Place: Sinnergiak Social Innovation on Wednesday 14th June; and Ederfil Becker on Thursday 15th June – in San Sebastian, the Basque Country.


Join Fresh Thinking Labs in San Sebastian for two days of learning and knowledge-exchange on Self-Managed Team-working in a Flat Organisation, co-hosted by Ederfil Becker and Sinnergiak at the University of the Basque Country.

Over Wednesday 14th June and Thursday 15th June, participants will have the unique opportunity to:

  • Take part in a special workshop exploring workplace innovation, flat organisational structures and self-managed teamworking;
  • Learn more about workplace innovation in the Basque country, with expert insights provided by Sinnergiak and a panel of local companies;
  • Visit Ederfil Becker and talk to its staff to learn about its change process and practices around self-managed team-working;
  • Discuss the role of communication, transparency and employee voice in driving empowerment;
  • Share ideas and experiences with Fresh Thinking Lab members from a range of external organisations as ‘critical friends’ – including over a lively and informal networking dinner;

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Our host on Day 1 is Sinnergiak, the University of the Basque Country´s research centre, which conducts action-research projects on workplace innovation in the Basque Country. Sinnergiak takes an interdisciplinary approach to innovation and is focused on four core areas: research, training, action and intervention, and knowledge transfer.

On Day 2 we will travel to Gipuzkoa to visit Ederfil Becker, a manufacturer of electrically conductive materials which is a striking example of innovative management. The company ascribes its remarkable competitive advantage to self-organised teams in which communication, transparency and employee voice set the lines of action of its daily operations.

Find out more about the company’s journey by reading our case study on the European Workplace Innovation Network website and by watching the short film below.

Programme Highlights

Day 1 at Sinnergiak will allow participants to:

  • Learn about workplace innovation across Europe including a closer look at progress in the Basque country including Sinnergiak’s activities;
  • Hear from Maider Martin, People Manager at Ederfil Becker about the company’s journey of empowerment;
  • Examine self-managed teamworking and its relationship with other aspects of organizational culture and practice;
  • Speak to local Basque companies about their perspectives on flat organisations and employee empowerment during a Q&A panel.

Day 2 at Ederfil Becker will continue the knowledge-exchange by enabling you to:

  • Hear from the team at Ederfil Becker about their journey of organizational change, and in particular their practices on self-managed teamworking – including a talk from the current General Manager Unai Elola;
  • Actively participate in ‘critical friends’ sessions with managers and team members, to learn more about the everyday experiences of staff working at the company;
  • Prepare and present feedback on your thoughts and findings to the senior team during facilitated sessions.

What will you gain?

As a participant, you will be invited not only to actively share your knowledge, experience and insights to help our hosts move forward, but also to identify the lessons to take back to your own organisation. All participants will receive a post-event report presenting findings and conclusions, to stimulate further shared dialogue and knowledge-exchange with other participants and your colleagues.

Networking dinner

The event includes a networking dinner on the evening of Day 1 (Wednesday 14th June) at around 19.30 local time. This dinner will take place around the Bay of La Concha / Old Town area of San Sebastian. Please indicate whether you can join this part of the event using the form below.



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